Human Resources Assessment

The complex processes and multitude of projects inherent to a school district’s human resources office would be greatly streamlined through implementing an automation solution. Coordinating interviews and hiring among buildings, on boarding new staff on a constant basis, and handling the records and processes for all district staff takes a large amount of time and resources. Through automation, these workflows become systemized and seamlessly integrated. Through automatic monitoring and approvals, the overall efficiency and accuracy of department workflows increases, minimizing individual and manual supervision. Automation frees up your department to engage in higher level tasks and provide leadership to the school district. 

See where your school or district Human Resources department stands in our free self assessment rubric below. 


Human Resources Assesment

Rubric Evaluates:

    1. Staff HR Forms

    2. Department Approval

    3. Hiring/Interview Process

    4. Record Keeping/Security

    5. Staff Operations