Central Office Assessment

The complex processes and multitude of projects inherent to a school district’s central office would be greatly streamlined through implementing an automation solution. Coordinating projects and staff across buildings and offices, arranging meetings for important stakeholders, and liaising with the Board of Education all take a large amount of time and resources. Through automation, these workflows become systemized and seamlessly integrated. Through automatic monitoring and approvals, the overall efficiency and accuracy of department workflows increases, minimizing individual and manual supervision. Automation frees up your buildings, departments, and administrators to focus on more important and pressing matters.

Central offices run districts, below you can find an assessment rubric to see how effective your office is.

central office.png

Central Office Assessment Rubric

Rubric Evaluates:

  1. Form & Meeting Submission/Requests

  2. Superintendent Approval

  3. Notification of Stakeholders & Board of Education

  4. Record Keeping/Security

  5. Intra-district Communications